CastorsCTF | Password Crack 2


You might need this: 653589
Wrap the result with castorsCTF{...}


  • This looks like a md5 hash to me but with a salt
  • As we know that hashes are one way so there’s not much that we can do other than using a wordlist and guessing it.
  • There’s a tool to crack hashes called hashcat which can be used to crack hashes using a widely used wordlist named as rockyou.txt

Using hashcat to crack this

hashcat -m 160 "867c9e11faa64d7a5257a56c415a42725e17aa6d:653589" rockyou.txt --force

Getting the flag

  • Now it seems that pi3141592 should be the flag here but no, what you get after putting the salt with hash in hashcat is the password but the whole hash is $password.$salt, which makes it pi3141592653589

flag: castorsCTF{pi3141592653589}

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CastorsCTF | Password Crack 2